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Panthera Automotive GmbH

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With our brand PANTHERA Automotive, you offer your customers a brand with recognition and identification factor, as well as innovative, ever-evolving products with quality of conviction and experience from many Years in the automotive industry.

Technical help

We provide technical assistance in any form. You will receive detailed installation instructions and telephone support. We would be glad to visit you and help you with the installation of your first Panthera products. Ask for a visit today.


You do not like to think about advertising and do not want to finance expensive advertising? Still, are you looking for a profitable additional business for your company? We support you with a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns for the sale of our products.


Our mature production and production processes as well as optimized logistics with modern merchandise management systems enable us to send a fast shipment. So order as a company as well "On-demand" and that Already from 1 piece. (Within Europe).

Automotive Parts

Your manufacturer for vehicle technology, cable assembly, automotive soft- and firmware according to customer requirements.

For dealers, we offer exciting distribution solutions or produce in large and small series according to your ideas.

Our dealer program will gladly assist you with interesting and future-oriented products Customers.


For many years, Panthera Automotive GmbH has stood for a special quality in elec- tronic engine management. It all started with "classic chip tuning" (now software optimization), followed by the idea of ​​packaging the whole thing in the form of a "plug and play" additional control unit. Out came our chip-tuning-box "Panthera Tigris".


In the following years, where fuel became more and more a luxury item, the idea of ​​an eco-tuning box with the goal of the maximum fuel savings was born.


This makes our products not only for the tuning scene, but also for companies very interesting. Vehicles of any kind benefit from the installation, whether it be trucks, cars, motorhomes, cabins and fleets.

The success in this sector confirms our forward-looking approach. We are proud to be one of the first vendors for eco-tuning boxes on the market.


Over the years, other innovative products have been added, such as our Panthera Pardus power pedal for optimizing the accelerator pedal response, and the V-Max "Panthera Onca" module to cancel the factory speed limitation. Our newest and most innovative product is our exhaust-gas genreer "Panthera Leo".


This sound generator produces a roaring exhaust gas, comparable to the sound of a V8 and that of any standard diesel and petrol engine.


Fast and reliable

We offer fast and easy handling of your orders. A fast shipping including express and shipment tracking. 14 days of return and support through our service is our standard.

satisfied clients

We guarantee a high reliability of all our products as well as fair market-oriented prices. Our products are constantly evolving and remain so long after the purchase is up to date. Product updates therefore guarantee you a good additional business. The satisfaction of your customers is also very important to us.

High quality products deserve appropriate packaging. In addition, we want to guarantee that our products will arrive unharmed with you and your customers. This way, your customers get something in their hands when buying a Panthera product from you.

quality packagings



Swiss Chiptech by Panthera
Swiss Chip
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