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with the Panthera Leo Soundgenerator


Panthera Leo Active Soundgenerator Soundbooster
  • Classic V8 Sound
  • Very deep wide sound
  • Comparable to US Muscle-cars
  • Ideal for SUV
From 1590,- EUR
Panthera Leo Magna Active Soundgenerator Soundbooster
  • Distinctive V6-V8 sound
  • Corey aggresive sound
  • Comparable with V8 sports cars
  • Ideal for tuned vehicles
From 1950,- EUR
Panthera Leo Active Sound Verlauterungsmodul Soundbooster Golf Maserati Audi

LEO Upgrade Modul

  • Active Sound enhancer
  • up to 4 time more volume*
  • Sound in accordance with the installed system
From 350,- EUR



While car manufacturers do downsizing and making their vehicles quieter, our customers agree: Every engine should roar like a V8.


Our solution produces a realistic exhaust sound which can be installed on almost all vehicles without alterations to the original exhaust system.


Extend your vehicles character with our Leo sound generator and enjoy the ultimate exhaust soundtrack experience, that has yet to be matched.

How does it work?

The Panthera Leo consists of one or two Sound Generator, two harnesses and two control units. With this special Sound Composer, which taps all the corresponding data, such as load, speed and rpm, from the CAN-BUS, you gain a very sporty and well roared exhaust sound out of a nail ends diesel or a petrol engine. Volume and Sound can be individually adjusted by using the original vehicle buttons (e.g. cruise control, sport button or other buttons you ask for). No additional switch is required.

The result is a completely realistic exhaust sound of a V8 or V10 engine.

Because of our knowledge in the production of motor control units, the Leo Sound Generator offers a much clearer, louder and more powerful. Furthermore, the Leo provides up to 15 selectable sound profiles.

Upgrade your car with our Leo Sound Generator and enjoy the ultimate exhaust sound experience!

You control the volume and sound of your exhaust, and turn it on or off as you like.

Extend your vehicle with our Panthera Leo Sound Generator and enjoy The ultimate exhaust-sound experience. You control the volume, sound, and turn the system on and off as you like. And all of that already in your vehicle, such as e.g. Cruise Control, Eco button, Sport button and radio remote control (included in each set). Of course, the original functions of the vehicle keys remain. You do not have to compromise. This makes additional switches and their installation unnecessary. Do you like it louder? Our system offers the possibility Two sound actors with one control unit. This gives you a maximum sound experience for your vehicle. For the sound generator there are two different version. The Leo variant with the classic V8 sound as well as the Magna version with clearly more striking sound. Both versions can be listened to here.

Best with subwoofer and full volume.

Loud V6 / V8

Exhaust Sound

Can also be operated via vehicle keys

Sound follows the engine speed rpm

in real time

exhaust system stays unchanged

Different sound profiles pre-installed

Includes remote control

Removing / installing on vehicle change possible



LEO V8 Version







Leo Active Sound Generator - Panthera
00:00 / 00:00
The deep version
Leo Magna Active Sound Generator - Panthera
00:00 / 00:00
The striking version

Our tip: Both versions can be operated with two actuators for even more powerful sound. Select this in the Configurator.

  • Upgradeable

  • For all manufacturers and all engines

  • Sound and volume adjustable

  • Can be switched on and off

  • Installation time: approx. 4 hrs.

  • Mechanical + Plug & Play

  • Warranty: 24 months


Suche Soundgenerator Konfigurator

A set with everything you need for installation.


Extend your vehicle with our Panthera Leo Active Sound Generator and enjoy the ultimate exhausting experience that is unparalleled. They themselves determine the volume, sound and switch the system in and out as it is you afterwards. And all of that is already present in your vehicle Existing keys such as Cruise control, eco button, sports button. Of course, the original functions of the vehicle keypads remain. In addition, the system can be controlled via the included remote control. This makes additional switches and their installation unnecessary, they do not have to compromise. Do you like it louder? Our system offers the possibility to operate two sound generators with one control unit. This gives you a maximum sound experience for your vehicle.

New supported cars
Youtube Videos

Leo Upgrade Modul

For cars with factory-made sound generator

Upgrade your factory-made sound generator with our Sound Control Unit.

Compared to the factory-made sound generator from Audi, the effect is significantly larger and louder as well as is fully individually adjustable.


With Panthera Leo we created a unique exhaust sound experience.

  • Retrofit

  • For all cars with factory activeSound

  • Sound and volume are adjustable

  • Switch for On / Off

  • Installation time: about 15 min.

  • Plug & Play

  • Warranty: 24 months​



Soundgenerator Konfigurator